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Our extraordinary collection of diamond engagement rings spans timeless styles to the latest trends, including solitaire, vintage, halo and more.

Celebrate your unique love story with a custom engagement ring that perfectly suits the person you love.

Artisan Crafted to
Exacting Standards
We source our quality pieces directly at lower prices - up to 40% less than traditional retailers for a better value for you.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring
Whether your style is classic or modern, we're here to help you make a brilliant choice.

Why Italo
Italo offers a modern approach to celebrating life's most cherished traditions with an incredible selection of rings and jewelry for engagements, holidays and milestone events.

1. For any couple, buying an engagement is one of the biggest investments of your lives, so it is worth spending the time to do your research to get the ring that you want. The stone, usually a diamond, is the feature piece of any engagement ring. Familiarise yourself with the 4 C’s; these are the carat, colour, clarity and cut of the gemstone. You will need to balance the qualities of these factors to get the diamond that is right for you at an affordable price.

2. If you are working with a small budget, you should consider the sapphire stone. A sapphire stone is indistinguishable from a real diamond except by an expert, but is a fraction of the cost. You could always plan on replacing the sapphire stone with a real diamond later in life when finances improve. Make sure that you receive your certificate with your diamond, the two go together.

3. Internet retailers, are very competitive on price, but just remember that the price you see is not necessarily the price you pay. Also, be aware that the image of the ring you are viewing is not necessarily the image of the ring you are buying. If you choose to buy engagement rings online, remember to read the return policy before you decide to order the ring.

4. Don’t forget the most important factor for you to consider when purchasing your engagement ring is price. Decide on how much you are willing to spend and stick to your budget. Good Luck!


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As rings go, this is a big one. Some would even argue that it’s bigger than the choice of wedding band.



Finding the right wedding band to fit your engagement ring is an incredibly tough choice. It’s a match that has to last for the rest of your life, and remind you of the most important day of your life every time you look at it.


Choice of wedding band style


There are three popular styles of wedding band that we recommend you focus on:


1) Flat bands: As the name suggests, these are flat on all sides and very contemporary in design. Simple, but elegant.


2) Court-shaped: These wedding bands feature a softly-rounded exterior, although like flat bands are generally very simple in appearance.


3) D-shaped: These are typically more narrow than the two above and feature a more expressed profile.


We recommend trying out one of each style above, because you’ll quickly settle on a favourite.


Women's Wedding Band Trends


1. Pavé Diamond Wedding Bands

2. Stackable Wedding Bands

3. Five-Stone Wedding Bands

4. Rose Gold Wedding Bands

5. Vintage Inspired Wedding Bands

6. Classic Platinum Band


Why Diamond Eternity Wedding Band Are So Popular ?



Eternity Wedding Band, the Wedding Band that symbolize eternal or everlasting love, is a smart way of marking one’s life’s significant milestones. Whatever the setting, cut, color, carat, or clarity, these diamond eternity Wedding Band are forever. This article talks about the celebration of love by presenting or wearing eternity rings. Are you ready to savor the magic of these beautiful creations?


Be it as an anniversary gift, birthday present for a special someone, or just a simple way of expressing love on any given day, there are very few jewelry pieces that are as loved or impactful as eternity Wedding Band set with diamonds. Usually, these rings are purchased as anniversary ring sets for him and her.


The most coveted and purchased style of eternity Wedding Band would be in the form of a band which is carefully inlaid with diamonds or other precious/ semi-precious stones. The band can be made of sterling silver, gold, platinum, palladium or other metals of preference. The diamonds on these bands may be set in the paving or channel setting to complete the look. Buyers with a budget to consider may opt for sapphires or rubies that may cover the whole ring or be placed on the top side of the band for a more enhanced look.

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The holiday season is almost here and the search for the most beautiful gift begins! If you’re looking for affordable engagement rings and wedding rings under $200, I have a perfect list for you!

I have some of the best and affordable ring designs I found on Italo. You can trust Italo for your jewelry shopping and pick some favorite gifts for the ones you truly love.

Also, Italo has a huge variety of dainty and unique jewelry designs, so brace yourselves as here goes my affordable engagement and wedding rings under $200:


3ctw rose gold three stone cushion created white sapphire engagement ring.
Plated in 18k rose gold, this unique engagement ring is the latest jewelry fad! Rose gold rings have become the new fashion statement!

This engagement ring is big and extraordinary. And, the best part about shopping this ring is that you save a huge amount as it has a mother of sapphire center stone instead of a diamond. This one is a big money saver.

Also, the side small natural sapphires make the ring look more sophisticated and stylish.

Price of this rose gold three stone cushion created white sapphire engagement ring: US $116.58

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Italo 3 stone Emerald Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring
It is one of the most wanted designs.

This baguette cut engagement ring has step-cut diamonds that is 3 stone emerald ring.

You can customize this ring with your choice of gold color and gold carat. It makes an adorable proposal ring with its delicate feel.

Price of this 3 stone emerald created white sapphire engagement ring: US $116.58

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Rose Gold Oval Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring
This ring design with two side round stone is perfect for couples, lovers, and family. You can get this for your little girl or for your girlfriend or mother.

The design is simple and charming and makes a perfect promise ring. You can also get this ring engraved with the names of the two of you and make it more special.

Price of this gold diamond heart promise ring: US $116.58


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Italo Eternity Created White Sapphire Wedding Band
An elegant wedding ring design, this white sapphire ring is a splendid gift for its price. You can get this ring in your choice of gold color from rose gold, yellow gold, or custom white gold.

What really attracts is the minimalism of this wedding band. It will also make a good looking ring if worn as a standalone ring on index or middle finger.

Price of this gold diamond half eternity wedding band: US $108.25

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Italo Bypass Oval Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring
A perfect Sapphire engagement ring that looks graceful and elegant with its minimalistic ring design and beautiful finishing.

This promise ring also makes a great proposal ring, wedding gift, anniversary gift, and bridesmaid gift.

This affordable engagement ring goes for women of any age because of its simplistic and dainty design.

Price of small diamond engagement ring: US $116.58


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Surprise your loved ones with the most affordable diamond engagement and wedding rings this holiday:
I hope you found some amazing pieces on my list. Check out these rings on Italo and you would know what I actually mean. Don’t forget to favorite these rings!

And don’t forget to check our engagement and wedding ring collection on Buy Engagement Ring on Italo.